Resin Sculptures

Our original Resin Sculptures blend contemporary design with classical themes. They are made by fusing fibreglass resin with bronze or other metals to give a genuine metallic finish, which will age and gain a lovely patina. They are weather resistant, frost proof, light and easy to hang. The majority are created by sculptor Jon Barnes and then handcrafted by highly skilled crafts-people in a small workshop in the Lake District. All sculptures may vary from the images as they are all hand-finished.

All the Resin Sculptures are made to order.

Due to the uncertainty with Covid-19 if you wish to purchase an item, please contact us first to see if it is available. 

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TITAN Bronze Finish 68 x 58 cm


CONTEMPLATION Marble Finish  51 x 33 cm


IN YOUR FACE  Pewter Finish 75 x 75 cm


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LIPS Marble Finish  27 x 40 cm


Also available in Bronze and pewter finishes.

CLASSICAL HORSE  Marble Finish  47 x 46 cm


Also available in Bronze Finish.

CREATION  Marble Finish  63 x 24 cm




AMMONITE Bronze Finish 52 x 43 cm


MALE BACK Marble Finish 42 X 30 cm


ARTEMIS Marble Finish 57 x 60 cm


Also available in Bronze and Pewter finish.

BUDDHA FRAGMENT Bronze Finish 40 x 37 cm


Also available in Marble Finish